About Me:

Cybersecurity Researcher:

I recently joined the mobile team at TwoSix Labs. I work there on a variety of cybersecurity-related research projects, so far mostly involving networking security.

Before this, I worked at BAE Systems performing similar cybersecurity research, primarily on DARPA contracts.

Prior to joining BAE Systems I graduated with Ph.D. from the University of Washington Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. There I studied under Yoshi Kohno and Franzi Roesner in the Security & Privacy Research Lab. My thesis focused on digital surveillance: measurements of existing surveillance; systems for circumventing surveillance; and exploration of novel methods of surveillance.

I chose to pursue security research for a few reasons. First, I think the problems that the field looks to solve are important, even pressing, to solve for the safety of everyone touched by modern technology. Second, I enjoy the breadth of topics security touches on, which gives me an opportunity to constantly learn new subjects, from compilers to machine learning algorithms. Finally, I find the adversarial mindset needed for effective security research fascinating to switch to and from compared to the typical problem-solving development mindset.


Aside from cybersecurity, I also enjoy a variety of eclectic and unrelated activities.